Thursday, December 9, 2010

Photographing your items

Now I'm not perfect at it either, I have a fairly cheap digital camera but i try to make it work.

The things I've learned so far.

* NATURAL LIGHT! take it outside but avoid being in direct super bright sunlight

* photoshop your items to make them look like they REALLY look. A little bit of saturation and brightness. It will make ALL the difference

* when sizing your photo's I always re-size em to 800x600. It's what seems to work best for me.

* be creative in your angles, don't be afraid to try something different. These days with digital cameras it's so easy to just delete what you don't like. you have nothing to lose only awesome pictures to gain.

* backdrops, really depends on your items but a big general rule would be. Your backdrop should't take away from your item. Sometimes the backdrop is so busy and gorgeous you stop looking at what you're supposed to look at... your awesome listing! So be creative but don't go over the top.

* also when it comes to your pictures, try to make all your listings look like they "go together" somewhat. A similar backdrop is great for that, could be anything from a wall, branch, book, color, ...
For example, my shop is really eclectic in items and colors. But I try to make it consistent by using the same few back drops. In the beginning my shop looked chaotic when I didn't do this. It's a lot more crisp and dare i say professional looking.

These are the things I think of at the top of my head.
I hope you find it helpful

What are your tips?


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Time for an update on life!

It has been a while since I sat down and wrote a blog....OH IRONY! My hubby just showed up behind me saying I stole the pc from him. Dangit I wanna blog nowwwwwwwwww *pouts*.
*hunches over a little and decides to ignore her husband*
Today has been a really good day! First off, I received my sons birth certificate in the mail (he's gonna be 1year old on June 16, about time huh LOL) But this means I can enroll us both together in the Belgian embassy in NY . Sounds so fancy! My paperwork will be going to the coolest, I can only dream of haha *sobs loudly*. I can also now go get him a passport so he can travel. YAY! I've been wanting to go see my family and friends for so long, if he can travel it'll finally happen ^_^

I also managed to finish a gift for somebody today. I will be able to show it as soon as I've given the gift. But I can tell you it WAY CUTE!
Thennnnnnnnnnn the lovely Stephanie from told me she was awesome enough to nominate me for "The Sunshine Award' I still have to figure out what it is but that's besides the point. It sounds happy and it also says award so it's going on my resume lol.
On top of that I'm so close to finishing a custom order of cards and have already a new custom order lined up! *rocks her bootay*

Nice day uh! If you haven't seen my latest painting in my shop go check it out cos Pumpkin is about as cute as an owl can get <3>
I need to move over for hubby now....

Thanks to everybody who made my day great...including me. Yay me! ^_^


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blog bloggerdy blogblog

*thinks of something to say* I'm drawing a lot of blanks today. It's been raining the last 2 days so I haven't gone out anywhere. So there's no post office or crappy drivers to rant about!
Aedan is taking a nap, it's been hard getting him down for any kind of sleep the last several days. Makes him cranky, plus it's tiring on me.
My computer's been acting up so I've been trying so hard to get an order done but I need my pc, and it's just not doing what it needs to do! Blech! This could be an awesome rant, but I don't feel like ranting either... so...yup yup yup ...yup
Not having a good hair day at all...don't feel like ranting about that either. *has CRAZAY HAIR! sticking out in all directions*
I've been trying to lose wait ugh.... can't even rant about that either.
Maybe I'm too undernourished to rant! *has an epiphany* (wonders if epihany is the right word to use). Maybe I need to eat something really delicious so I can rant again? hmmmm delicious anything....
I've always been a girl with some junk in the trunk, before I had my son I actually managed to lose a bunch of weight and almost be a skinny girl =-O like fo real yo! But now baby weight is haunting me (YES it is babyweight! not delicious food/candy/snack/....*drools* weight)
I've discovered that no matter what weight I'm at I'm always gonna be a fat girl in my head. Food is just hmmmmmmmmm *daydreams* a mayor distraction to me! I love food, any kind! I get hungry watching commercials, and I don't know how to stop it!
During the day I can sort of manage my eating habbits, but once dinner has come and gone and it's night I want to snack on everything and anything. It's like the day between dinner and bed is just too long. Please tell me I'm not alone. Otherwise I'm looking like a total "fatty fat fat fat". LOL

And yeah yeah I know all about eating healthy, that's how I lost the weight before but let's be honest. Who wants the freakin' salad?? It's not worth chewing. I do love fruits and vegetables, and make meals myself every day. I'm conscious of what I eat. A lot of low fat and fresh ingredients, chicken,..... I do well during the day, but like I said, once night time comes along I probably undo everything I did during the day and then some. But even then I try to not make it too horrible in my choices, but still. If I could control my hunger and cravings at night I'd be so much better off.

I'm gonna stop now cos I'm hungry *runs to the kitchen*


Sunday, April 11, 2010

A great hair day and no place to go

Darn the weekends that my hubby has to work just don't feel like weekends at all....on top of that, my hair is looking extraordinarily fantabulously gorgeous today. My hair never looks extraordinarily fantabulously gorgeous! I could stare at it all day wondering where the hell it came from and why I was blessed with this hair today.
I'm home alone, my soon to be 10 month old son couldn't care less what my hair looks like! "Is it yankable?" is his only concern.
And you just know by the time hubby comes home it's gonna look all drab again!

This is my biggest concern today.... oh my... just realized what it feels like to be rich and privileged!! My hair going wrong is my concern of the day. *tosses hair* I could get used to this.
Now all I need more, is a truck load of money, a huge house, legs to die for, an ass that won't quit. Perfect boobies and a stomach of a young Britney Spears. So close... at least I got the hair. For now *checks mirror* ahhhhh yes ^_^

Today is a good day, and I can always go to walmart or lowe's to show it off...such is the life of an almost rich and privileged girl with a huge house, legs to die for, an ass that won't quit. Perfect boobies and a stomach of a young Britney Spears and amazing hair

well at least the hair

Happy Sunday everybody!
May your hair flow just right and bump into lot's of admirers at Walmart or Lowe's


Friday, April 9, 2010

The Buried Life

Something to think about....My favorite part is in bold

Light flows our war of mocking words, and yet,
Behold, with tears mine eyes are wet!
I feel a nameless sadness o'er me roll.
Yes, yes, we know that we can jest,
We know, we know that we can smile!
But there's a something in this breast,
To which thy light words bring no rest,
And thy gay smiles no anodyne.
Give me thy hand, and hush awhile,
And turn those limpid eyes on mine,
And let me read there, love! thy inmost soul.

Alas! is even love too weak
To unlock the heart, and let it speak?
Are even lovers powerless to reveal
To one another what indeed they feel?
I knew the mass of men conceal'd
Their thoughts, for fear that if reveal'd
They would by other men be met
With blank indifference, or with blame reproved;
I knew they lived and moved
Trick'd in disguises, alien to the rest
Of men, and alien to themselves--and yet
The same heart beats in every human breast!

But we, my love!--doth a like spell benumb
Our hearts, our voices?--must we too be dumb?

Ah! well for us, if even we,
Even for a moment, can get free
Our heart, and have our lips unchain'd;
For that which seals them hath been deep-ordain'd!

Fate, which foresaw
How frivolous a baby man would be--
By what distractions he would be possess'd,
How he would pour himself in every strife,
And well-nigh change his own identity--
That it might keep from his capricious play
His genuine self, and force him to obey
Even in his own despite his being's law,
Bade through the deep recesses of our breast
The unregarded river of our life
Pursue with indiscernible flow its way;
And that we should not see
The buried stream, and seem to be
Eddying at large in blind uncertainty,
Though driving on with it eternally.

But often, in the world's most crowded streets,
But often, in the din of strife,
There rises an unspeakable desire
After the knowledge of our buried life;
A thirst to spend our fire and restless force
In tracking out our true, original course;
A longing to inquire
Into the mystery of this heart which beats
So wild, so deep in us--to know
Whence our lives come and where they go.

And many a man in his own breast then delves,
But deep enough, alas! none ever mines.
And we have been on many thousand lines,
And we have shown, on each, spirit and power;
But hardly have we, for one little hour,
Been on our own line, have we been ourselves--
Hardly had skill to utter one of all
The nameless feelings that course through our breast,
But they course on for ever unexpress'd.
And long we try in vain to speak and act
Our hidden self, and what we say and do
Is eloquent, is well--but 't#is not true!
And then we will no more be rack'd
With inward striving, and demand
Of all the thousand nothings of the hour
Their stupefying power;
Ah yes, and they benumb us at our call!
Yet still, from time to time, vague and forlorn,
From the soul's subterranean depth upborne
As from an infinitely distant land,
Come airs, and floating echoes, and convey
A melancholy into all our day.
Only--but this is rare--
When a belov{'e}d hand is laid in ours,
When, jaded with the rush and glare
Of the interminable hours,
Our eyes can in another's eyes read clear,
When our world-deafen'd ear
Is by the tones of a loved voice caress'd--
A bolt is shot back somewhere in our breast,
And a lost pulse of feeling stirs again.
The eye sinks inward, and the heart lies plain,
And what we mean, we say, and what we would, we know.
A man becomes aware of his life's flow,
And hears its winding murmur; and he sees
The meadows where it glides, the sun, the breeze.

And there arrives a lull in the hot race
Wherein he doth for ever chase
That flying and elusive shadow, rest.
An air of coolness plays upon his face,
And an unwonted calm pervades his breast.
And then he thinks he knows
The hills where his life rose,
And the sea where it goes.

Matthew Arnold

New To Blogging

So this whole blogging thing is new to me, not sure what to type about or how to do any of this. hehe
I should come up with something really clever/funny/amazing to catch and keep your attention...right?
Unfortunately I have none of this right now. But I'm usually extremely clever/funny and all round amazing so stick around and gimme a chance to shine =D

At this point I don't think I have any followers yet so I can just ramble on and on and on and on and on and on on and on and on and on and on and on... Fascinated yet?

Yesterday was an awesome day, I reached more than a 1.000 fans on Facebook and 500 on Twitter! To me that's A LOT. Never even crossed my mind that that could happen.

I'm currently working on a surprise for a customer's daughter. I've been saying this for days now on FB. And I have been but I'm such a perfectionist. I've started 3 projects now and I'm just not feeling them ya know.
This morning as I went to get my son out of bed and opened his curtains inspiration did strike me. Our tree in the backyard looks gorgeous right now with pink blossoms all over it.
As soon as I get out of my pj's I have to go out there and take pictures of it. At times like this I wish my photographing skills and camera were so much better.
It'd be easier to point my webcam on it and let you guys see it that way lol.

Gotta get started on the day and put some pants on =D

Talk to you soon!


Thursday, April 8, 2010

First blog post ever!!!!!!!

OMG! I have a blog now too.

My first post will be to say hi to the lovely Monica from Gia's Bowtique.
She is having an awesome contest for all to enter

Gia Bowtique is doing an awesome giveaway to celebrate her lovely fans! Check it out!!

hopefully I'm doing this right lol