Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer treat! Homemade Smoothies

Another heat inspired creation! Fat free, filled with tons of vitamins, liquid (cos we need it even more this season!) and oh so yummy!!

I recently started making smoothies, wanting to drink something different and refreshing. They are now a hit at our house and I make em pretty much daily.
The options for flavors are endless! It's whatever fruit you love or whatever fruit you happen to have in the house.

I've never been a fan of frozen fruit, I guess I never knew what to do with em. BUT! Now I have to have it in the house all the time for smoothies.

You'll need a blender


Fruit (preferably frozen but other will work too)
Yogurt (I use fat free)
Juice (any kind really, it's up to your taste buds)

if your fruit is NOT frozen you will also need a handful of ice cubes

Here's what i used!

Frozen Strawberries and blueberries

Fat free vanilla yogurt and Strawberry banana juice

Toss in your blender, your fruit, add a dollop of yogurt and finish off with a good splash of juice. The more juice the more liquid it becomes.

Blend blend BLEND!! This is the part my toddler hates, NOISE! lol

for NON FROZEN FRUIT: toss your ice cubes in now :)

I was feeling fancy and poured it in a wine glass and finished off with a fresh (non frozen) strawberry

I find this the perfect drink after a workout. I work out in the evening and will come home feeling tired and hungry. Not wanting to pig out because it's later in the evening this is the perfect snack/drink. It fills me up, gives me energy and fixes any cravings




  1. thanks michele! they are really good =D

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